Warrior Night! Haaaah – yah!

Hello everyone! It’s Joan!

We meant to write the blog as soon as we finished our ramen run this past Wednesday, but blogspot was undergoing maintenance! So we apologize for the wait!

After a few weeks following our epic adventure in Hawaii, we finally got over our trip (well, not really) and decided to go on our next ramen run. We had ramen at a place called Shogun Restaurant in La Verne, about 20 minutes away from home. Not bad! I found out about this place when I saw my cousin post a picture of her ramen on facebook. I actually went here for ramen not too long ago and thought it was pretty good. But I wanted to write the blog when Tanya was with me. And of course, consistency is a really important quality we look for, so I didn’t mind coming here again.

First of all, Shogun is not a ramen house. It’s actually a teppan, fine dining and sushi restaurant. But on Wednesday and Thursdays, they serve ramen. When we got there, we were immediately seated at the sushi side of the restaurant. The place was huge since they serve everything, and the place was pretty busy for a Wednesday night but still had plenty of tables left. Everyone that worked there was Japanese, so I felt confident in the authenticity and quality of everything else they serve. There was a really cool sushi bar in the middle of the room with a sushi train! It was very difficult to look in that direction because of all the yummy treats and sushi that passed by.

¬†Everything that passed by made me drool a bit…