Epic Ramen Run and More…. in Hawaii!

Hey everyone, it’s Joan! I don’t even know where to start! First of all, I’d like to apologize for the late update. We’re still recovering from the awesomeness of our Hawaii vacation. We didn’t get to do as many ramen runs as we planned, but at the same time, we didn’t want to get sick off of sodium. But we had at least two! Also, I tried to keep this blog focused on the ramen, but it was hard to leave out everything else we did.

Before I even get started, I should probably explain how we ended up in Hawaii. Tanya and I had just finished our ramen run back in February and were sitting in her car trying to figure out where to go next. She and I have very hectic and demanding jobs so we figured we should go somewhere far away for a short vacation. First we thought of going to San Francisco for a 4 day weekend type of deal, then we started calculating the costs of getting there, (we were planning to fly because we both drive beat up cars), how much it’ll cost to stay at a hotel, and what our transportation was going to be to get around town, and of course, food costs. It seemed like too much money for such a short trip and neither of us knew anyone in San Fran, so it just didn’t sound like a good idea as our first vacation on our own. Then I brought up going to Oahu, Hawaii. My sister lives there so we can stay with her, she knows the whole island like the back of her hand, and all we would have to do is buy our tickets and pay for food! I think the costs would have been the same compared to San Fran, but Hawaii just sounded so appealing! And because I used to live there, I know that Hawaii makes awesome food! So here it goes!

When we first arrived in Honolulu on the evening of April 13th, my sister took us to Zippy’s (kinda like Hawaii’s version of Denny’s) for a late dinner. I had the popular Zippy’s chili, and Tanya got the Zip Pack, which included teriyaki beef, fried chicken, and of course, SPAM!!! Then we made a quick stop at a Wal-Mart, and I gotta say, it was a pretty weird adjustment seeing everyone shorter than us! (I’m 5’6″, Tanya is 5’7″, and almost everyone we saw at the store was about 5 feet). It was weird because in Cali, we’re considered average height, but in Hawaii, we felt like giants!

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Epic Ramen Run!

Hello folks!

Tanya and I are planning something that’ll happen in less than two weeks! It’ll be a surprise what it is exactly, but…. it involves an EPIC RAMEN RUN! It will be the first of many epic ramen runs we hope to accomplish. So stay tuned!

-Joan and Tanya