Girls’ Day Out

Hello hi! Or should we say, “herro hi!”

What? We’re asian. We can say it. Booyah!

Today, we called it girls’ day out, even though most of our ramen runs consist of only Tanya and I, (both girls). But, we did a lot of shopping and splurging on chocolate and came home for some champagne. You know, things girls do. If you were here at this moment, you would have noticed all the typo’s I just made. But you didn’t. Haha.

ANYWAY, we originally planned to check out Aji Man in San Gabriel. We found it listed in some Japanese magazine. But when we got there, the restaurant didn’t even exist anymore, so we decided to check out the next ramen house in the area. We found a place called Tamaya Ramen, in Alhambra, the next city over. The place is on the corner of Main street and Hidalgo avenue and they have a small parking lot of ten spaces right behind.

The moment I walked in, I took a quick glance in the restaurant to see what kind of crowd there was. I think the fact that Tanya and I were there, gave it a 50/50 ratio of asian and non-asian customers. It made me a little weary, but since we’re doing this blog, we had to give this place a chance. The place was pretty cool, with red walls and asian decor but the floors were pretty dirty. I forgot to check what grade they have. (Just in case you’re wondering, there were more people there, but we sat away from them.)

Like my awesome photo illusion??

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