Ajisen Ruddy

Yay! Yay! Yay!

    Tanya here! So….I want to dub Ajisen Ramen: That Happy Ramen House. Joan brought her youngest brother and it made him happy. I got my boyfriend out of his Pho rut and got him to(finally!) try ramen. I took him to Ajisen, because it was the closest…

See? See? He gobbled it all up!
He wasn’t in one of his best moods when I met up with him before we ate. The was practically despondent. After he drank all the broth he streeeeetched his arms and had such a happy smile on his face. Probably similar to to someone who woke up from an awesome nap. I was shocked, usually he has mind numbing food coma after he eats. He ordered the premium pork ramen(looked just like the picture) and I just ordered the basic Ajisen ramen. I was happier with my selection this time around. Ruddy liked it so much that he took our friend Angella the next week….
ooo…We also ordered croquettes and he ordered it again
The croquettes were YUMMY! Piping hot so eat slowly. and its served with that mayo sauce. mmmmmm, my tummy is grumbling, hahaha.
So, that’s it from my end. I love taking people to try different places and they take others. Gives businesses some income. Enjoy!

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