Ajisen Angelo

Hello everyone!

Today I spent some quality time with my little brother, Angelo, and I took him to Ajisen Ramen in Hacienda Heights. Or is it Rowland Heights… Not too sure. Anyway, I thought I’d take him to have his first ramen experience here since I’ve been here before and I was very pleased. That, and it was open all day. We arrived at the ramen house around 2:30pm and there were a lot of people there but were seated right away. Since the Ajisen ramen was the most basic at the restaurant, I figured he should try that first. I ordered the BBQ Pork Ramen.

And I have to say, I was very happy with how the ramen tasted. My ramen was pretty much the Ajisen ramen, but the pork slices have that bbq flavor to it. It tasted really good. The broth was very flavorful and delicious, the seaweed and cabbage added the perfect touch. It had just the right amount of oil and the noodles were cooked just right and absorbed the delicious broth. My taste buds were in ramen heaven. Since I’m not a fan of bamboo, which most ramen houses include with their house ramen, I was stoked that Ajisen didn’t have bamboo at all. I usually forget to ask them to not include the bamboo but here I won’t have that problem. (You have no idea how much I don’t like bamboo…)Whenever I dine out at a place more than once, I definitely care about consistency. Ajisen had that. I fully enjoyed my ramen today.

As for Angelo, he was amazed at how good the ramen was. He said it “changed his life!” I don’t know how the ramen could have affected him that much. Angelo has only had Top Ramen and Maruchan ramen, (you know, the packaged stuff you buy at the store for 20 cents each). But I guess going from Top Ramen to the real deal ramen, I can see how that could change his life. He was also having a bad day, and says the ramen really cheered him up. He definitely wants to have ramen again.

I’m glad I visited Ajisen again and that I took my brother there for the first time. I like the hip vibe of the restaurant and the great service. And most of all, the ramen was very delicious. We also ordered the hot milk tea, which was very good. Anyway, thanks for reading, if anyone out there is…. And join us next time! If any of you know of ramen houses we should check out  (in Southern California, please!), follow our blog and let us know!

– Joan

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