Return to Naga Naga

Hey everyone.  Here’s a quick blog about my experience at Naga Naga. I went there by myself last Friday after work to kill time before rehearsal. And I gotta say, it’s not that fun eating ramen by yourself. The restaurant had more customers this time, but it’s probably because it was dinner time on a Friday night, but I can’t say the place was bumpin. I thought about ordering another type of ramen they had on their menu, but decided to go with the same one I ordered before, the naga naga ramen. And I was pretty disappointed. The broth was not that flavorful, and it seemed like half the bowl was full of oil. The noodles were okay, I got the curly ones instead of the straight ones. But it just grossed me out that everytime I pulled out the noodles, they’re covered in grease. The pork slices were mostly fat, but at least the nonfatty parts were very tender. But still, it was mostly fat. I know ramen is not the healthiest thing you can eat, but I could not help myself but be grossed out by how much fat there was. I didn’t finish my ramen.

Hopefully next time will be good. Thanks for reading!

– Joan

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