Instant Noodle Madness!!!!

This is Tanya here. From our last ramen run, I bought three instant noodle bowls from the Japanese deli & market.

Here they are!

Mystery flavor(I do believe is was seafood from the broth scent)
Seafood flavor
“Miso” flavor hahaha
Mystery flavor: When I first opened the broth packet, there was a over whelming smell of seafood. I am assuming it was seafood flavoring. If anyone can read Japanese, please correct me if I am wrong, hehe. I was actually dreading the smell would correlate with the taste. To my surprise the smell was pleasant when the noodles were done. I usually use only 1/2 the broth packet because of sodium content is usually high in instant noodle bowls. But, I went ahead and put the whole packet in for full effect. I thought the noodles were great and not as salty as anticipated.
Seafood flavor: I did like veggie pack that came along with the broth packet. The broth packet was twice as large as the first one….and twice as salty. I found it really strong, I actually poured water in the bowl and it was so much better.
Miso flavor: I was most excited about this flavor! I love miso soup. Also, I was like ‘oooOOOooo’ when I saw the miso paste packet. The veggies were mixed in with the broth power. The miso packet was neat. Lookie ^_^
     OK! It looks like poop, but it dissolves into a nice miso broth.
but! Sad to say, I was not impressed with the taste. It wasn’t horrible but I was underwhelmed.
As for the noodles, they were consistent and didn’t disappoint me in texture or flavor absorbency.
Little method I like to use for instant noodle bowls (Korean or Japanese)
The lid must be made of foil
step 1
Step 2
Step 3
 Step 4
Taa daa! ^___^
Stay tuned for more updates on our ramen adventures! Thank you for reading!
– love Tanya

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