First ramen run

So we just got home from Little Tokyo and had ramen at Daikokuya. The ramen there was really good for the most part. Before we go into details, we’ll give you some info of the local area just in case you want to check this place out.

Little Tokyo is located in the L.A. district, off of the 101 freeway, off of Alameda St. Once you exit, you head south, then make a right on E. 1st St. That whole section is Little Tokyo. Daikokuya is located on the right side. You can park in the parking structure on the left, where there is a very steep and very narrow driveway. Rates can vary from $4 to $10 depending on time and day that you park there.

If you want to do a little shopping, there’s a plaza area called Japanese Village. There are many restaurants and cute shops like Sanrio there. There is also a really cool mochi ice cream shop and a deli/sushi market. And just to warn you, the wait time at Daikokuya can get pretty long, so if you’re starving, you may want to get a little snack before then.

Japanese Village

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The journey begins

Hi everyone. This is Joan and Tanya. Two best friends with a passion. For ramen. Not just any ramen, but authentic Japanese ramen. Today we begin our search to find the best ramen houses in Southern California. Why are we doing this? Because we’re bored and we’re hungry. And we love ramen. Tonight we’ll be making our first stop at Little Tokyo in Los Angeles. At a little restaurant called Daikokuya, our journey begins….